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Pipeliner CRM Partner Program

Pipeliner CRM is currently seeking exceptional Partners to grow with.

Pipeliner CRM Is Different. Here’s How.

 There’s a universal language - VISUAL - throughout the app.
 The pipeline view forces sales reps to focus so everyone wins.
 Sales Management is de-risked thanks to on-target reports.
 This CRM works online or off - road warriors welcome.

Pipeliner CRM is the Future. Here’s Why.

 Buying Center: A 1-of-a-kind org chart maps every client you sell into.
 ‘1-to-many with Any’ feature - link a Contact to more Accounts.
 No Admin needed. No expensive programming. No kidding.



Pipeliner CRM Partner Portal

Your sales know-how + our CRM software = Premier Partnership



We're committed to getting you in front of the prospects who matter – educated, prepared, and primed for success.



We'll plug you into our network so you have the tools you need...ours will be a collaborative partnership.



It's easy to get started earning new revenue that stems from your sales consulting.



We'll work with you collaboratively and give you tools and techniques to support your consulting success.

A picture is worth 1,000 spreadsheets

Pipeliner CRM’s language of visual makes your sales consulting easier. And your clients raise their sales process to whole new level.

Pipeliner CRM Pipeline View

Nothing falls through the cracks.

Click an opportunity. All you need, right in front of you. From calendar, email, activities, notes, documents, social streams — EVERYTHING in 1 place — and automatic notifications, too!

Pipeliner CRM Org Chart

Just drag and drop to build a Buying Center.

Create a visual org chart of contacts connected with each opportunity. You’ve mapped the organization from the outside in.

Pipeliner CRM Buying Center

Your dashboard just got a turbo boost.

Accelerate into activity-based reports, 3D graphs, and charts. Stop, turn, and race toward sales performance from every angle.

Pipeliner CRM Dashboard

Work online or offline – anywhere.

On a train, in the air, in a park… Work anytime and anywhere on the most recent sync of your full system — You’re never left stranded!

Pipeliner CRM Online and Offline