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Joint Sales Methodology

#1: How will Pipeliner help me sell more of my core services?

The right CRM system brings structure, discipline and focus to an organization and Pipeliner CRM is different from traditional CRM solutions.

A CRM deployment is often a catalyst for accelerating and creating urgency around addressing sales and sales-related issues.

The choice to deploy a CRM system is typically accompanied by the need to define and/or validate areas as:

Pipeliner CRM Deployment
Pipeliner CRM Traditional CRM

Simple graphical visualization of sales process

Table-driven, text & data heavy representation of sales process

Rapid implementation

Significant implementation process usually accompanied by some business interruption

Little to no administrative overhead (no full-time administrator)

Full time administrator required and often outside programming resources too

Limited business interruption during implementation

Significant and often ongoing business interruption during implementation

Intuitive, user-friendly interface reduces training time

Heavy learning curve required which increases support cost and opportunity cost

Offline capability

Internet or network access required

Archive function provides insights and analytics to help with coaching

Often restricted to real-time snapshots of opportunities

Visualization of team performance in seconds

Cumbersome data-heavy, team views

Quickly identify opportunities to stay in and those to get out of

Focus on data accuracy undermines ability to gain actionable insight

Sales Manager as sales coach

Sales Manager as compliance/data police

#2: How will Pipeliner CRM help me embed my services with my customers and prolong my relationship with them?

We’ll give you the resources you need to work with your customer to define, refine, and validate their sales process and then quickly and easily configure and embed it directly in the system.

Pipeliner CRM Document Attachement

#3: Pipeliner CRM is Visual and generates Insights

Insights generated by Pipeliner CRM can be used for coaching salespeople or for helping sales managers uncover insight -- so coaching now becomes another embedded part of the workflow.

Visual Nature of Pipeliner CRM

#4: We are not a technology company. What is going to be required of us from a technical and support perspective?

We’ve removed the complexity so you can focus on bringing value and delivering results, fast.

  • Typical "go-live" of under 2 weeks.
  • There’s no need to be a developer or have developers on staff to complete the setup. We’ve built our software to minimize administrative burden.
  • We provide remote access to the platform that, allowing you to monitor and configure the system remotely. This means less time travelling to onsite meetings.
  • Typical training for users is measured in hours not days.

#5: You'll earn alongside your core business

You will receive a percentage of the client's license and services revenue for 3-years, and the revenue accrues consistently. 

Pipeliner CRM Archive

#6: CRMs often cause major business interruption. How long would it be before my client realizes any benefit?

  • Unlike other CRMs, Pipeliner CRM can be deployed and fully operational within hours rather than weeks or months.
  • You will realize an immediate benefit because your IP, methodologies, process, and tools can be in the system from Day 1.
  • You will also add great value to your client by the work you do defining the sales process within the platform and by helping them integrate the system into their daily work practice.